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About CGC
About CCG   

The Certified Collectibles Group (CCG) is a group of independent companies focused on the impartial, independent, and expert certification and grading of collectibles. (See Legal Notice)

Three top independent grading services, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (NGC, the leader in the coin grading industry), Paper Money Guaranty, LLC (PMG, the expert third-party grading service in currency), and Certified Guaranty Company (the standard in the comic industry) have united their common efforts and goals to create an impartial third-party certification group of companies.

The common approach shared by the three companies begins with their policy of shielding the identity of the submitter from the team of expert graders, so that the collectible is graded on its merits alone. Next, all member companies' graders are prohibited from commercial trading, to ensure they are not grading product they own. Last, no CCG member certification company bids on the products they certify. With these three measures, CCG member companies assure collectors of an impartial, expert opinion.

No matter which CCG member company is chosen, the submitter can count on each company's top grading expertise and the reliability of a proven certification system to provide a seamless grading product that results in a coin, card or comic book that will have enhanced appeal to potential buyers whether in person, on the phone, or online.

When it comes to collectibles, buyers want to know exactly what they're purchasing, and sellers want to attract confident buyers. With the certification by any CCG member company, uncertainty is replaced by confidence making for a more rewarding transaction for buyers and sellers.


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