About CSG

Certified Sports Guaranty

Founded in 2021, Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) uses world-class expertise, advanced technology, innovation and operational excellence to provide superior sports card certification services. CSG also offers the industry’s strongest guarantee, which adds significant confidence, liquidity and value to the hobby.

Why CSG?

Our graders’ expertise is backed by advanced authentication and grading technology to make the certification process more precise and efficient. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) automates many of the time-consuming aspects of sports card grading, such as attributing a card and measuring its centering. Meanwhile, forensic devices using UV light and infrared light reveal alterations and hidden details through ultra-microscopic inspections as well as non-destructive ink and paper analysis.

After a card has been authenticated and graded by CSG, it is encapsulated in the archival, durable and crystal-clear CSG holder. An enclosed certification label provides a detailed description of the card, its grade, its unique CSG certification number and a QR code to facilitate quick verification. The CSG holder and label feature extensive security elements to prevent against tampering and counterfeiting.

Every CSG-certified sports card is backed by the CSG Guarantee of authenticity and grade, which is the strongest in the industry. The CSG Guarantee gives collectors and dealers greater confidence, making it easier and safer to buy, sell and collect sports cards.

To learn more about CSG and to submit, visit CSGcards.com.

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